West Virginia Board of Acupuncture


Minutes of Meeting
Date: August 26, 2000
Location: Morgantown, WV
Present: Ashleman, Negri, Samples, Shields, Worth


Discussion on Legislative Rule 32CRS7. Approval of Agency to file with Secretary of States office.

Discussion of HB 4060 (2000) on Sunset Review of Board scheduled for 2005. No action taken.

Discussion of HB 3006 (1999) Training of Board Members by the State Auditor. Dr. Samples selected to attend next session on November 14, 2000 at Pipestem State Park. Per diem and expenses approved.

Discussion of Federal Association of Regulatory Agencies for Oriental Medicine to be held in Alexandria, VA on November 10, 2000. Jeffrey Worth selected to attend and to represent the Board. Per diem and expenses approved.

Discussion of American Association of Oriental Medicine national conference in Washington, DC on November 11-12, 2000. Dr. Negri selected to attend and to represent the Board. Per diem and expenses approved.


Application for new license discussed. One applicant filed, Andrea Brown, and approved.

Discussion of HB 4201 (1998) requiring the Board to be accessible to the public. Board has had its phone number published in all directories in W. Va. The Board is completing its web page within the requirements of this statute.

The budget was discussed and approved as presented by Jeff Worth.

Dr. Negri was nominated and approved to be the primary member of the Complaint Committee. This brings the Board into compliance with Legislative intent of HB 4062 (2000).

Martha Ashelman moved and the Board approved issuing a Bio-hazardous waste letter to be sent to all licensees reminding them of proper disposal techniques and requirements for bio-hazardous waste, this would include needles.