West Virginia Board of Acupuncture



§32-5-1. General.

1.1. Scope. -- This rule establishes standards for the advertising of acupuncture.

1.2. Authority. -- W. Va. Code §§30-36-7 and 30-36-14 (f).

1.3. Filing Date. -- May 21, 1999.

1.4. Effective Date. -- May 21, 1999.

§32-5-2. Application and Enforcement.

This legislative rules applies to all licensed acupuncturists, all student acupuncturists and all apprenticed acupuncturists. The enforcement of these rules is vested with the Board.

§32-5-3. Recognized Titles.

Academic and professionally granted titles which may be used by acupuncturists practicing in W. Va. include, but are not limited to the following:

3.1. L.Ac. and Lic. Ac. -- Licensed Acupuncturist

3.2. O.M.D. -- Oriental Medical Doctor

3.3. MSOMed. -- Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

3.4. D.Ac. -- Doctor of Acupuncture

3.5. C.A. -- Certified Acupuncturist

3.6. D.O.M. -- Doctorate of Oriental Medicine

3.7. A.P. -- Acupuncture Physician

§32-5-4. Advertising.

A Board licensed acupuncturist may advertise the provision of any acupuncture services to the public, which are within the scope of practice, authorized by W. Va. Code §30-36-2. The advertising may not promote the excessive or unnecessary use of the services.

§32-5-5. Use of the Title Doctor.

5.1. An acupuncturist may use the title "Doctor"or the abbreviation "Dr." in connection with the practice of acupuncture when he or she possesses an earned doctorate degree from an accredited, approved or authorized educational institution in acupuncture, Oriental medicine or a biological science. The use of the title "Doctor" or the abbreviation "Dr." by an acupuncturist as authorized in this subsection without further indication of the type of license, certificate or degree which authorizes that use, constitutes unprofessional conduct.

5.2. An acupuncture doctor shall clearly explain to his or her patients, in writing and verbally, that he or she is not a physician licensed to practice medicne or surgery, unless he or she is licensed under W. Va. Code §30-3-1 et seq or W. Va. Code §30-14-1 et seq.